Weekend in Puglia

Hi guys, we decided once again to leave even if for two days to discover another part of Puglia. Starting from Cosenza we decided that our stop would be the renowned beach of

Porto Badisco (Otranto).

Panorama of Porto Badisco beach Puglia
Porto Badisco

Arriving was quite easy, we parked at the first parking lot located right at the entrance, the cost varies from € 3 to € 4 per day depending on whether you want to leave the car in the sun or under the awnings in the shade. After a bit ‘walk, we arrived on the beach, very small for the use of the month of August but still equipped. It was a beautiful day, only the little beach and the huge expanses of rocks did not make us very happy.

Panorama of Porto Badisco beach Puglia
Porto Badisco

At 14:30 departure from Porto Badisco to Castro to the hotel Orsa Maggiore located just above the point of interest “Grotta Zinzulusa.” Let’s say you go to these places in search of huge stretches of beach, you will be disappointed.

Grotta Zinzulusa Puglia
Cliff near the “Grotta Zinzulusa”

In this area the only access to the sea is located on the path that leads to the entrance of the cave, through the ladders that help you climb once you have dived from the rocks present, unfortunately there is only this access is almost impossible to find the way to take a bath, alternatively, to remedy the problem they built a beautiful swimming pool on the sea always paid.

Grotta Zinzulusa Puglia
Tour to the “Grotta Zinzulusa”


In the late afternoon after having had a nice shower in our hotel, we decided to move to the city of Otranto. We found a free parking about 500 meters from the castle. A tip, park well because the guards always present do not forgive. We were fascinated by the particularity of the historic city center. Not being very hungry we decided to eat a nice fried fish in a fry near the market, we must say that the owner was very kind, before ordering made us taste the fish, we must be honest and say that the quality was really excellent, we will gladly return to enjoy the other delights. The price is very competitive, just take into account that for 100 grams frying it takes € 3.90.

Otranto Puglia
Otranto in the evening

After a tiring day, we decided to come back to the hotel to rest, thinking about the itinerary of the following day. Not having much time to stop in the various countries, we decided to continue on the coast to reach the beach “the Maldives of Salento” near Pescoluse (LE). Just as we were traveling, we were struck by a small yet unknown fjord:


From the road to reach the sea, you have to go down a large staircase, but the steps are comfortable and new, the sea is an exaggerated blue. Near the small beach there are steps that lead directly into the water to facilitate the entry and exit from the same, for the most daring, there is nothing better than trying their hand at diving from the cliffs that in this case is also here I’m. Well we can say that this is a small corner of paradise, obviously once you get down there is no bar or restaurant, so before going down it is good to get food and water that you can buy even at the kiosk on the road before going down to love.

Fiordo di Ciolo Puglia
Fiordo di Ciolo

Maldives of Salento.

Arrived in the Maldives of Salento, we enter the parking lot where for the first 45 minutes stop are free over 45 minutes the cost is 4 € daily. It took us 10 minutes to run away, the beach is very small and super full, the one equipped for a beach umbrella with two beds the cost was about 35 €, oh well that was August, however, it seemed a high cost for which we decided to move to Gallipoli.

Well even in this case we are very sorry but they are not places that attract us that much because they are super crowded and now a bit ‘ruined by the corrosive tourism. One of the good things about the trip was lunch at Gallipoli restaurant “Il piccolo lido” we ordered a portion of seafood salad to be divided as an appetizer and a plate of pasta “maritati con frutti di mare”, well, the maritati are a type of pasta typical of the area, orecchiette mixed with short fusilli, it was a great lunch with super portions, we recommend this restaurant highly, price in the standard we paid € 42. They were two beautiful days to discover a Puglia that we did not know yet. Hello and the next trip.

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