One of the places we have long wanted to visit was New York. Finally in January 2019 we decided and we started to organize this wonderful trip by booking for May 2019.
Here we are again here, this time to tell you about the JOURNEY. The first thing we did when we decided to get married?
Hello, today we want to talk to you about our trip to Paris. On a hot August day, browsing on the websites of the various airlines and taking advantage


As you can guess from the title, we will talk about our trip of the city of Budapest. Landed at the airport around 22:00, we immediately headed to the exit where there are bus stops.
Arriving at Prague airport, we head straight to the exit, not before passing by the automatic ticket machines for public transport. To move around the city we have chosen a 72-hour ticket that can be used on all public transport...
In September 2019, taking advantage of a week's vacation, we decided to take a trip to Europe. We left Naples with a direct Ryanair flight which in about 2 hours took us to Krakow airport, our first stop.
Finally the summer has arrived, and we Calabrians are very lucky because we have both the sea and the mountains within walking distance.